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IPFire 2.13 Core 71

Michael Tremer announced the release of IPFire Core 71.

The official announcement says:

This update comes with some new features and minor bug fixes.

It is now possible to assign a wireless adapter as the RED interface. A GUI has been written where you can configure wireless access points, to which the IPFire system will connect when in reach.

DNS forwarding GUI

A new GUI has been written on which you are able to define different name servers than the public name servers for your DNS zones. So, you can use your internal name server for internal name resolution instead of the public one on the Internet.

Performance improvement of squidclamav

Scanning all the HTTP traffic that is going through the proxy is very costly and makes browsing slow. In this update, we put the squidclamav process “in front of the proxy”. It now trusts the cache and won’t scan data that’s coming from the cache again which results in a huge performance increase.

Smaller changes

  • The USB modeswitch database has been updated. This software will configure UMTS/LTE/3G USB adapters that they can be used as modems. Now, more of this hardware is supported.
  • Allow squid, the Web proxy service, to open more files and connections at once (more open file descriptors). This will result in a higher performance and better stability under high loads.
  • The whois tool for whois lookups has been replaced by GNU jwhois. It is much more flexible and does not have an outdated database like the old one.
  • squidclamav freezing when accessing sites that are also available over IPv6 has been fixed.
  • MTU negotiation on PPPoE: The default MTU for DSL lines has been 1492 which is not working on all DSL lines. If not configured correctly, yourDSL connection won’t be able to transport big packets. We now allow to leave that field empty so IPFire will try to negotiate an appropriate MTUon itself.

Downloadipfire-2.13.i586-full-core71.iso (102MB, SHA1).

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